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Fayeed Tan


"The FretWrap and DuoStrap can easily be considered a guitarist's best friends. They simply make playing the guitar and gigging way easier. The beautiful thing that FretWraps do is that they mute unwanted open notes, so that way your soloing is much cleaner. Now the DuoStrap is like a breath of fresh air. Traditionally we carry our guitars on one shoulder playing long gigs and recording for long hours. Which was fine, that is until your shoulder starts to hurt and a light guitar starts to feel like a heavy yoke. This is where the DuoStrap comes in. It evenly distributes the weight of your instrument on both shoulders so that way you won’t feel the pain even after playing for a long time. I’m very happy to be a part of the Gruv Gear family because I love telling people how Gruv Gear has made life easier for gigging and recording musicians."

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Fayeed, born Fayeed Philip Tan, is a local of Cagayan de Oro city, Misamis Oriental. He grew up in a family of musicians and influenced by all sorts of music. He picked up the guitar by the age of 11 for the main reason that everyone else in the family was playing the instrument.

Fayeed always had that burning sensation to write his own songs because of the melodies that keep popping in his head even during his sleep. One time he heard a song playing on the radio that did not have vocals that “blew him away”. I was Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover. From that point onwards, Fayeed was hooked on the guitar, and the rest is history.

Playing local gigs by the age of 13, played session with a couple of bands until the age of 20 when he formed his own group. By 2007, having gathered more than enough experience, tutelage and confidence, Fayeed released his solo album. Several years later, Fayeed took a break on live gigs and focused more on writing instrumental material.

2010 was the year Fayeed went more active in social media and released guitar videos as well as original songs. Needless-to-say Fayeed has built his name breaking barriers from local to international. Locally he has had collaborations with very well respected musicians and all these are on his YouTube Channel.

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