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Gruv Gear’s Innovative Guitar Cases Awarded New Patents

Orange County, California (July 27, 2020) – Gruv Gear, the company behind some of the most creative and innovative designs revolutionizing the lifestyle of traveling musicians throughout the world, is delighted to announce it has been awarded two more patents. The first is a utility patent for the ‘yin-yang’ locking neck brace currently found in the GigBlade Slim and GigBlade Edge gig bags and the second a design patent for the Kapsule guitar & bass case.

The original GigBlade Slim and GigBlade Edge gig bags both feature the trail-blazing, invisible, patented ‘yin-yang’ locking neck brace as standard. This uniquely secures the guitar neck automatically as the bag zipper is closed, stopping the instrument moving around and minimizing any damage to the headstock.

The Kapsule is the world’s most advanced travel bag for guitar and bass, the touring musician’s all-in-one luggage. Its patented design is a sleek fusion of both hard and soft cases which allows guitarists or bassists to carry it backpack style, as a traditional suitcase or roll it using the included snap-on wheels. This tech loadedcase is devised to include Boveda two-way humidity control, TSA lock, Global Recovery Tag, Bluetooth Tracker and an optional Oktane power bank for peace of mind. It is also available as the Kapsule Duo which offers travel-ready protection for two guitars or basses.

Since the beginning, Gruv Gear has been on a mission to enhance the traveling lives of musicians, DJs, producers, filmmakers and many more. The company’s fresh approach has become a known staple in its continuously expanding range of ingenious, inventive luggage, instrument and accessory bags and cases. Many of Gruv Gear’s professional, thoughtful, and sophisticated products are patented and the first of their kind. Each product creates a smarter, more effortless, convenientand less stressful travel experience, both domestically and internationally.

Gruv Gear prides itself on using the highest quality materials and construction techniques. The company’s attention to detail, strict quality control, innovative patented designs and world-class durability ensures that customers around the world can be confident they are buying genuine, original Gruv Gear products and not settling for second best. There’s cases. And there’s Gruv Gear cases!

To find out more about the GigBlade Slim, GigBladeEdge, Kapsule, Kapsule Duo and all of Gruv Gear’s other travel-smart products please go to https://gruvgear.com.


Media Contact: Kim Phillips, A & R Marketing Ltd, +44 1604 881095, info@armarketing.co.uk

About Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear is a premium travel lifestyle brand originally rooted in the creative community. Distributed in over 55 countries, it aims to revolutionize the jetsetter's lifestyle with its innovative backpacks, cases and accessories. Over 250 world-class musicians, producers, photographers and million-mile travelers endorse and trust Gruv Gear with their everyday carry and tech essentials. Learn more about GruvGear by visiting: http://www.gruvgear.com

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