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Let’s start with my name… “Knowbody,” as a dancer my goal is to “know my body,” so well, that it reacts to the music with as little time between thought and action as possible. On the flip side, It is also a constant reminder to remain humble, and hungry in a world with instant gratification. It helps me to stay humble and stay hungry.

I’ve been dancing for the last 26yrs and creating music for the last 22. Woah… Let’s just say it’s taught me a lot about myself and this world we live in. Through my journeys I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities to work with some of the most talented people in the World… Insert long list of people that no one really wants to read…. lol (not really into bragging, if you want to know who, google is a powerful tool)…

You can connect with me while I’m on my adventures… it’s easy and I love having a quick chat with amazing people. So feel free to say hi.

Not to flex but (here come s the flex) I recently headlined my 1st festival in Europe. Crazy dope experience. Looking forward to expanding that to a full tour.

(Next flex) I also Opened my own Dance studio/production company, the Greathouse of Dance (Sacramento CA) so if your in my city come thru and lets build together.

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