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The FretWrap makes all the musical activity much easier, giving freedom to my hands by reducing all the odd overtones. It makes my playing clear without any additional worries about muting – the FretWrap does it for me perfectly. I use it for all my live shows and studio work and have been satisfied by its work since the very first use.

The Fump is a very interesting creation. The idea for me is simple – it changes the playing style. By using the Fump you get that old style, palm-muted bass sound with absolutely free hands, having the possibility to make the bass lines as wide and full of your ideas as possible without being locked technically or physiologically. The Fump can be kept on your strap while you do not use it, and putting it back on your strings will take literally a second. That’s why this tool, as well as FretWrap, is with me 100% of the time during my musical activity.

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As a bass player for over 10 years I’ve had lots of things happened, some of them I’ve left behind, some of them have been vital experiences, and some of them are still with me.

I was a session bassist with the bands “The Hysteria” and “Shokran” for a long time. They have come a long way as a bass tutor, from first steps of wondering “what should I give to my students?”, to becoming an educator with a strict-learning program for all kind of players from very beginners to high-level players.
Hundreds and hundreds of live shows are done.

At the present moment, I am a touring bassist, for ##### (5 diez) band, based in Russia, with quite a big history, fan base, and audience. I’m also a session bassist for both recording and live-sessions, just up to terms and my personal interest in every particular request/offer.

Also, I am the founder of Guava band, based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and a bassist for MonoЛиза band, also based in the same city. Also, I am a part of Russian hip-hop artists’ live-show program, named Gari Topor & Toni Raut.
Trying (and actually doing) to do more bass stuff (i.e. music) for living by all means.

I’m in love with oeuvre, in love with what I am doing.

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